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Programming Historian Meet-up: Intro to Digital Humanities

Join us for the second Programming Historian Meet-up, where we attempt to come to terms with all things DH - literally. We will be building a glossary of terms as we delve into some introductory DH readings to prepare ourselves for the world of programming. BYOLunch and sense of adventure!

This event will take place in THINC Lab. 

Here are the readings. Please read any of them - not all! Just whatever interests you :) Come with a list of terms you aren't familiar with - they'll help us get the conversation started.

1) Exploring big historical data: the historian's macroscope (Graham, Milligan, Weingart, 2015)
While all of the copies are out of the Tri-U libraries, you can read the version the authors wrote (live, online!) here:
http://www.themacroscope.org/?page_id=595 It’s a bit confusing at first, but if you can read from that page (The Joys of Big Data for Historians) through to Chapter One – Conclusion, you’ll be working towards an understanding of digital history.
2) Debates in the Digital Humanities is a great, open-access collection of essays. There are 2 versions, one 2012 and one 2016. The link to the collections is here. Here is a list of a few of my faves:
   A)      What’s Next: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities (Posner, 2016) Link here:        http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/54
   B)      Re: Search and Close Reading (Hancher, 2016). Link here: http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/63
   C)       Pedagogies of Race: Digital Humanities in the Age of Ferguson (Earhart & Taylor, 2016). Link here: http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/72

   D)      What is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments? (Kirschenbaum, 2012) http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/38

3) Poke around on Bill Turkel’s blog, and read this page: https://williamjturkel.net/2011/03/15/going-digital/
4) Poke around on Tim Sherratt’s blog, and read this: http://discontents.com.au/telling-stories-with-data/
5) Read EVERYTHING by Bethany Nowviskie. I’m kidding, of course, but once you get started, you’ll want to keep going. She’s here: http://nowviskie.org/2011/what-do-girls-dig/

Thursday, October 19, 2017
12:00pm - 2:00pm
McLaughlin Library
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